1. Why Should I use Klevij ?

Klevij (pronounced cleavage) is an aluminum and baking soda free deodorant for the breast that not only helps to minimize perspiration but it also reduces body odor by inhibiting the bacteria that feed on the sweat underneath and in between your breasts.  

2. Where can I find a list of ingredients ?

Ingredients can be found under the description tab of each product.

3. Are Klevij products safe to use during pregnancy ?

We recommend speaking with your healthcare professional to determine if you should use any of our products while pregnant.

4. What should I do if I have an allergy to an ingredient that is in a product that I purchased ?

If you have a known allergy to an ingredient, please do not use the products without consulting with your medical professional.

5. I ordered the wrong product. Can I return it and get the correct item ?

Please contact us at info@klevij.net to discuss options for this particular situation.

6. What are my payment options ?

Payment options are 

  • Shopify Pay
  • Visa 
  • Mastercard
  • Quadpay
  • Paypal

7. Why does this breast deodorant go on white ?

This breast deodorant contains zinc. Be sure to thoroughly rub it in to avoid the white color from transferring to your clothing. 

8. Will it stain my clothes? 

It is made with oil and butter based ingredients, which could stain your clothes. We have not experienced this with our clothes (we use only use a swipe or two for all day odor protection), but it certainly is possible. I wouldn't take a chance on expensive tops! How well does your laundry detergent normally handle grease stains?

9. Where is Klevij Breast Deodorant manufactured ?

The product is manufactured in a certified facility in the USA.

10. Where should I store Klevij Breast Deodorant ?

Keep Klevij Breast Deodorant in a cool area away from excess heat.

11. Why is baking soda not added to Klevij Breast Deodorant ?

Although Baking Soda is considered a natural ingredient, it is known to cause irritation and has the drawback of a gritty and rough texture . We formulated an effective natural breast deodorant without baking soda. We use arrowroot powder as an effective alternative for this commonly used ingredient.

12. What makes a "natural fragrance natural" ?

Natural fragrances are essential oils and isolates derived from flowers, fruits, sap, seeds or skin of the plant, as well as the bark, leaves, roots, resins or wood of certain trees and never as a result of synthetic chemistry.

13. How do I apply Klevij to my breasts ?

You can apply klēvij  just like a conventional deodorant. Use as little or as much as feels right in between and underneath your breast. 

TIP: To increase product effectiveness, always apply to clean dry skin. Wet skin will dilute the product and decrease the effectiveness.

14. Who should use Klevij Breast Deodorant ?

Klevij Breast Deodorant is ideal for teens & adults.

15. How long does Klevij last ?

A few swipes of Klevij will provide 24 - 48 hours of odor fighting protection.

16. How is Klevij able to kill that odor causing bacteria under and in between your breast and keep you smelling fresh all day?

With natural, organic, baking soda free, aluminum free ingredients with vegan probiotics for odor control.

17. Is it edible ?

While we don't advise ingesting the product, Klevij breast deodorant has organic ingredients which includes Jojoba Oil, shea butter, coconut oil, cornstarch, candelilla wax and vegan probiotics. Gluten free, Alcohol free, GMO free, Cruelty free ( Scented products have organic fragrence).

18. Does this block wetness ? Is it an anti-perspirant ?

Klevij is not an anti-perspirant. You will still sweat when using this product. This product is designed to block odor and minimize sweat.

29. What type of paackaging do the Klevij deodorants come in ?

Klevij Deodorants are packed in compostable containers.