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Stay Fresh on-the-go with Klevij Mini Breast Deodorant and Bra Liner Combo$25.00 CAD

Looking for an easy way to stay fresh while on-the-go? Look no further than Klevij's Mini Breast Deodorant and Bra Liner Combo set. This set includes a travel-size breast deodor...

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1 oz Mango grapefruit and vanilla breast deodorant

Breast Deodorant by Klevij | 2-Pack 1 oz Mix and Match | Keep Odor and Irritation at Bay$25.00 CAD

Our Breast Deodorant is designed to keep you fresh and confident throughout the day. It works by inhibiting odor-causing bacteria, so you can be sure that your breasts will st...

Breast Friend Bundle Set ~
Breast deodorant bundle packaging

Breast Deodorant by Klevij | Four Pack Multi-Scent | Safe For Sensitive Skin$60.00 CAD

Our Breast Deodorant inhibits odor-causing bacteria to keep your breast smelling fresh all day. In this bundle, you can experience every product of breast deodorant we carry. T...

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